Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Photo and Love letters by Scarlett Barry

Seriously, my fingers are about to fall off. I've knitted two scarves since monday and spend countless hours working with felt to create "woodland creatures" garland for my nephew's christmas gift. I should probably treat myself to a manicure after the holidays since my poor hands are going to be exhausted!
Apparently, we're going to get some precipitation this weekend in the form of dainty little snowflakes. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the weather stays chilly enough for snow! I'm getting really tired of these rainy weekends we've been having. Let it snow!


  1. i love your blog, I'm following!
    the woodland creatures garland sounds cute - good luck :)


  2. Those are beautiful...and enjoyable to work through the meaning!

  3. such an adorable blog, followed!
    and i'm loving those little illustrations.

  4. those illustrations are lovely! crossing my fingers that you get snow :)