Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Floral patterns and snow.

1. paper snowflake I made using this tutorial! 2. Ballerina dress ( U.O. i bought for 6 dollars! Love employee appreciation) Velvet Blazer (thrifted) 3-4. Floral Dress (also bought during employee appreciation for something like $11.) Leather belt (thrifted.) Sweater (thrifted.)

I've been obsessed with floral patterns as of late. I love the femininity they've added to my wardrobe. Going thrifting this weekend! I'm in search for cute leather boots. It seems like every pair I find turns out to be a size 7.5 and being a size 9/10, it's so disheartening!
The mini snow we had over the weekend has melted away. I do hope we get some more in the near future (praying for some this weekend to add some ambiance to our christmas tree hunt!) When i see photos of all these snowy places, it really makes me want to move up north. I've spent countless weekends in new hampshire and massachusetts and I am envious of their scenery, both during winter and summer months. (not to mention fall foliage!) I love the city and I love our cozy little apartment....but I can't help but dream about one day living in an adorable little teal house with a white porch that sits by a lake. Someday...


  1. aw how cute is that dress - love the floral pattern :)

  2. hey cute blog! i love all of your photos. i have the same floral dress but in the black color-- i really wanted the one you have but they were all sold out. but your ensemble looks great! can't wait to read more (:

  3. I so adore the white floral dress. This spring I really need to find something like that!!


  4. I love love love that dress! The floral pattern is so perfect! I want this entire outfit. :)

  5. that ballerina dress is so great! i am totally into florals as of always.

  6. SCORE on the dress! nice find...I have bought so many bargains I should really upload photos of them to my blog but I've got no where to photograph myself but outside (and its freezing!)

    Your blog is great I'm seriously suprised you haven't got more followers. (Not saying that 32 isn't a lot, it is for me! haha I've got about 17? But 90% of my blogging is very lazy/uninteresting so Im not suprised haha)