Saturday, December 12, 2009

woodland creatures!

I love these little guys!

I finished this little mustard yellow scarf in only three days. It will be the first knitting project that I will actually keep for myself! Yay! It's also my first attempt at a cowl, and it turned out pretty great. I bought a bag of yarn from the thrift store the other day, undoubtedly an old woman's collection, and I have many more projects ahead of me! I've also been working on some felt garland that I will photograph as soon as it's finished! (woodland creatures theme, of course.)
Today, Mike and I are going on a major thrift store extravaganza! We're traveling to a party of the city where there's supposed to be some pretty great, unpicked over thrift stores! Oh, and then we're going to purchase our first Christmas tree together. :)


  1. your scarf is so pretty! i try to knit sometimes and i'm just.. bad hahaha. have fun thrifting! that sounds like so much fun (:

  2. Those deer are the cutest of all time.

  3. I love little creatures like that!