Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etsy shop preview!

size 7 suede booties

Vintage leather purse.
(This bag is in MINT condition with absolutely no wear and tear!)

Vintage floor length velvet dress. Size s/m.

Here's a few things I picked up for my (soon to come) Etsy shop! I've been getting some really special things together for the grand opening which will hopefully happen at some point this week. I feel like I haven't really had any free time to get anything done let alone get the shop up and running. I've been working so so hard at the gym these past few weeks and I'm really proud of myself :) Lots of patients at work have been commenting on how much weight I've been losing and it feels good to have people notice! (even if I haven't really noticed any difference physically aside from my growing biceps!)
Although I'm looking forward to my Vermont ski trip, I am DEFINITELY ready for spring. We got some unexpected snow over the weekend which threatened my game night plans, but I ended up venturing out in the 6 degree weather anyway. This weekend totally flew by and I'm super bummed about having to go back to work tomorrow morning. it Friday yet?


  1. congrats about the etsy store and the weight! :)
    have so much fun in vermont, im so jealous. Update more on your etsy! i want to hear about how its going!!

  2. i'm loving these new added etsy items! :) i can't wait for your grand opening!
    congrats on losing weight and feeling better about yourself. keep it up :)